Why Wacky Whales?

Wacky Whales NFT
3 min readApr 9, 2022


Wacky Whales is here to add a new perspective to the NFT space. One where community dictates, positivity prevails, and creativity dominates.

As a graphic designer in high school and a college graduate, both of whom have been involved and successful in the Crypto/NFT space for years now, we’ve decided we were done being the buyers, and ready to be the creators + givers.

We aspire to live a life of change and hope to inspire others to do the same with Wacky Whales NFTs.

With marketing having just begun, and questions like “why CC0 public mint?”, “when free mint”, and more, we’re happy to answer the questions you have below!

Why was Wacky Whales founded as a CC0 NFT mint for free in the public domain?

1: Celebrate success! As people who have found great success in the NFT space, we’ve decided that; in creating a community and awareness of Wacky Whales being in the public domain, we believe in creating the opportunity for others to take advantage of our success and make it their own (by generating derivative projects), with the support and platform of the Wacky Whales team and community.

2. Free mints? Why should the people with loads of $ETH to drop be the only ones with this opportunity? We’re dedicated to being a free mint project, in hopes that everyone in the Ethereum Ocean can have a fair chance at catching a Wacky Whale! For this reason, there will be no whitelist, and there will be a maximum of 1 mint per transaction.

3. Value Creators. Many projects in the space end up becoming community value drainers. We plan to achieve the exact opposite. Wacky Whales are value creators who add value to their community and the bigger picture, not only monetary value but value in interactions (between people in the NFT space), value in learning (about NFTs and the power they hold), and value in teamwork (community members getting together to create the next big thing). We plan to add value like this (plus more) to the Wacky Whales community, and the NFT community as a whole, rather than take it away.

We’re excited and ready to show the world what Wacky Whales can do, and grateful you’re here for the swim!

To the small community that's been formed already,

We appreciate you!!! Honestly, it’s amazing to see that our Whales have brought us together already and so soon. We look forward to showing you what's to come and hope you stay swimming with us through the waves of the Ethereum ocean!

Many Thanks,

Wealthy Whale



Wacky Whales NFT

Wacky Whales is a free mint NFT and CC0 project in the public domain coming to the Ethereum blockchain.